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Real Essences Of Life

“Self-esteem is the Enamel of Success”

When we experience pride in ourselves, when we earn a good grade on an exam or reach a personal goal. The ability to take pleasure in our achievements is a big reason why we continue to pursue our dreams and take risks. This pride and pleasure we experience called self-esteem is very important to reaching our life and career goals.

What is Self esteem?
Self-esteem is a feeling of competence and capability to deal with life's challenges and deserving happiness and fulfillment. Our self-esteem reflects our overall self-appraisal of our own worth.

There are two inseparable components to self-esteem: self-efficacy and self-respect.

Self-efficacy is the trust in our mental processes and abilities.
It does not mean that we believe we will never make a mistake, but rather that when we do make them we can learn from them. This goes deeper than confidence in a specific knowledge or skill. It i